Ways to Help

This new Help Wanted communication is in response to feedback we’ve received  from members looking to get more involved with the Friends.  We plan to keep you informed of our volunteer needs as they arise throughout the year.

Below are descriptions of several current needs .  If any of these pique your interest, simply respond to this email so that we can follow up with you directly.  


50/50 Raffle Ticket Fundraiser Chair:We are looking for someone to lead this year’s raffle fundraiser.  Jean McKinley, who chaired last year’s highly successful process, has volunteered to provide the new chair with all the necessary sales materials, to print the tickets and to respond to questions the Chair may have.  Since Jean has created a detailed roadmap to follow and remains a knowledgeable resource for the new Chair, taking this over should be relatively straight-forward.


Program Refreshment & “Roadies” Chair:  Each time we run a program, we tap into our cadre of volunteers who have expressed willingness to provide refreshments and help set up and clean up. We’d like to have one Chairperson coordinate this work by serving as a single point of contact when a Program chair is seeking event support.   As we only have a handful of special programs scheduled throughout the year, this role requires relatively little time. 


Fundraising Chair:  We are looking for a volunteer to oversee and coordinate our fundraising efforts.  In any given year, we have small number of fundraising events (currently the 50/50 raffle, the gift baskets and the foyer book sale).  The new role of Fundraising Chair involves organizing a meeting once a year (likely sometime during the summer) comprised of members who currently lead established fundraiser and other members interested in sharing creative ideas for new fundraising events and possibly leading one of them. The Chair will lead a discussion to brainstorm, discuss and decide what fundraising events will take place over the course of the next fiscal year and designate leaders for each one. This is a leadership position and does not require the Chair to run any of the fundraisers, per se.  The Chair will work closely with the Friends’ President to ensure strategic alignment between broad organizational objectives and our fundraising efforts. We have a similar model in place in our Programs Chair and would like to replicate that process for fundraising.


Literacy Program –  Catawba Elementary School Coordinator:  We are looking for someone to share the administration and oversight responsibilities for the 2ndgrade reading program at Catawba Elementary.  Meg Thompson and Barbara Nelson oversee this program for the first and second grade classes at Sherrrills Ford and Catawba Elementary schools.  They have already done all of the preliminary work of purchasing books, setting up a first reading date, etc.  We’d like to have someone pick up responsibilities from this point forward for contacting the 2ndgrade Catawba lead teacher to schedule future readings and line up reader volunteers (already identified) for those dates. 


Christmas Program International “Station” Leads:  Sylvia Nelson, who Chairs this popular annual program, is looking to bring an international flair to this year’s program.  For this concept to come alive, we need people who are interested in sharing special family holiday traditions representative of their heritage who are also willing to man a “station” (i.e., a table set up inside the library the afternoon of Saturday, December 8) where customary food, costumes, etc will be featured. 


Gift Basket Fundraiser Contributions:It is that time again when a wide variety of contributions to the contents of gift baskets are much appreciated.  Each gift basket has a particular theme.  Chairperson Susan Hunsucker has prepared a list of suggested ideas for a wide variety of contributions based on popular baskets created in the past. (See list on next page.)  Gently used items (except for food items, naturally) are welcome, as long as they are “like new”, meaning you’d be proud to give them as a gift and happy to receive them as a gift.  Donations can be left with staff at the front desk of the library, who will set them aside for Sue.  


Library Fish Tank Cleaning:  Catawba County recently lost its funding for third party fish tank cleaning services. Other libraries in the county have given up their fish tanks since that time.  The Sherrills Ford-Terrell library would like to keep the fish tank that currently houses two large goldfish, a third fish that is quite bashful and makes rare appearances, and an algae eater.  In order to keep the tank, the library is in need of someone with previous cleaning experience to tend to this tank occasionally.    The library has all of the necessary supplies. 


Periodic “Help Wanted” emails will be sent out throughout the year to alert our members to other volunteer needs as they arise. The FOSFTL has enjoyed great success making amazing things happen through wonderful member volunteers who have been most generous with their time, talent and resources.  Knowing that “many hands make light work”, our goal is to have a high volunteer participation rate among our membership, with many people contributing in areas that best match their interests, talents and abilities, without too much work falling to any one person.

Many thanks in advance for supporting our efforts!

Jeanne Lebens
Friends of the Sherrills Ford-Terrell Library

List of Gift Basket Contributions Ideas