Upcoming FOL / Library Events


May 21, 2019
6:30 PM

Sherrills Ford-Terrell Library

Participants in our event will include SFT residents Joanie Gardner and Robert Oren Eades.  Others from the following lists will be announced later in April.  Please visit TRIO on Facebook. The following is taken from http://shari-smith.com/trio-2019

TRIO – The chord struck between words, vision, and sound.

It begins with a book……

One book is given to both a songwriter and a visual artist. They write a song and create a work of art inspired by the book they read fulfilling their TRIO. Each TRIO will travel to museums, galleries, and literary events throughout the year. 

The books chosen for the 2019 TRIO Exhibit are The Forgiving Kind by Donna Everhart, Gather at the River edited by David Joy, The Hundred Story Home by Kathy Izard, Johnny’s Cash and Charley’s Pride by Peter Cooper, Like Lions by Brian Panowich, Lit by Lightning by Nicole Sarrocco, Lorraine, the Girl Who Sang the Storm Away by Ketch Secor, Secrets of the Devil Vine by Faith Kaiser, Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe by Jo Watson Hackl, Struttin’ with Some Barbecue by Patricia Hruby Powell, Swimming Between Worlds by Elaine Neil Orr, Tomorrow’s Bread by Anna Jean Mayhew, The Undiscovered Country by Mike Nemeth, The Vain Conversation by Anthony Grooms, and Walland by Andrea Thome.

TRIO songwriters include award-winning musicians and songwriters Sarah Aili, Peter Cooper, Mark Currey, Eric Erdman, Radney Foster, Bruce Greenwood, Eddie & Jeanne Heinzelman, Robert Johnson, Thomm Jutz, Tommy Lewis, Rod Picott, Melissa Summersell, and Molly Thomas.

Visual artist TRIO contributors cover a wide variety of media and genres and include Andrew Blanchard, Robert Oren Eades, Amie Esslinger, Sally Fanjoy, Joanie Gardner, Melissa Gibson, Matthew Good, Jason Harpe, Stacie Huckeba, Anna Jenson, James LaBrenz, Elizabeth McKay, Sarah Rakes, Cher Shaffer, and Jim Shores.

TRIO’s creator is Shari Smith, the creative and maternal force behind Working Title Farm, author of I Am A Town, and script writer of many stage productions combining literature and music that change with every performance, defying description and delighting audiences. She is a publisher and an editor who is sometimes forced into being a backup singer.