Greetings From The President

Ellen Dewey

Dear Members,

February was a busy month for the FOL! In the following
pages, we have coverage of the Music Variety Show on the 8th (Pages 4-6), with LOTS of pictures, and of the Guardian ad
Litem Panel Discussion on the 26th (Page8). Dianna-Lee
Osborne of Neighbors Network (Page 3) was our guest at the Business Meeting on the 20th. And please check out the events
to come: opportunities to share in the Community Read (Page 2) and to learn skills that may make your social interactions more rewarding—a Workshop offered by member Jeanne Lebens (Page 3).

By the crowd that came out to see our Music Variety Show, we know that music, and art in general, can bind us all. We thank the fearless performers, the appreciative audience, library staff, and everyone that helped put the show together. Judging by the popularity of the Second Show, we can certainly look forward to a THIRD next year!

And what an excited hush awaited the drawing for the 50/50 Raffle (Page 7)! It was a monumental success for the FOL and the large pot hopefully will inspire even more participation the next time around!

This month’s message is brief due to a little accident that makes typing painful. Fittingly, it happened in the kitchen while using a mandolin…!

Hoping to see you at our upcoming events, Ellen