Greetings From The President

Greetings, Friends!

Although it may still be a bit early to declare “Spring is in the Air,” musicis definitely in the air at the library:

The Third Annual Music Variety Show took place on February 7 and featured a diverse set of vocal and instrumental acts that delightedthe audience. Joyce O’Neal and Ellen Dewey put their hearts andsouls into this event, as organizers and also as performers. We are very grateful to all the talented musicians who entertained us that evening. There is so much talent that surrounds us! Pages 4-7.

We have another six-week-long Music Course led by Joyce O’Neal—this time the subject will be Musical Genealogy! Beginning on March 4th at 4:00 p.m., we will be looking at the family trees of music in six of the most popular formats, and how our modern music evolved. No musical expertise is required, and adults and children alike will enjoy the romp down memory lane! The classes are not cumulative, so come enjoy one or all of them. (See article on Page 4 for more details.)

Getting out and about is definitely a “Spring Thing,“ and another popular program taking placethis month is the “Things to Do for Children & Adults in Catawba County” event, which will be held on Tuesday, March 19. This open house will showcase Catawba County organizations that provide cultural and educational activities, with a special emphasis on ongoing andsummertime children’s programs. You will be able to register for these programs the night ofthe event. (Details are on Page 2.)

I’ll close with a quick update on recent fundraising efforts:
Proceeds from our recent 50-50 Raffle amounted to $2,175, thanks in large part to a small

cadre of members who collectively sold 80% of the tickets. A special shout-out to Ellen Dewey, who single-handedly sold 40% of the tickets and was the winner of our Publix gift card. Accolades also go to co-organizers Barbara Campbell and Jean McKinley, as well as to Butcher Boys Café for allowing us to sell tickets in their restaurant on several occasions. In fact, the winning ticket was purchased there.

A group of creative Friends is busy assembling a variety of Themed Baskets for Spring (and other timely) Subjects; that will be for sale throughout the Spring. Eight Valentine’sbaskets were sold almost as soon as they were put on display. Look for more baskets in the weeks ahead. The committee is still in need of donated items in order to round outwhat they’ve received to date. If you are interested in donating, check out the list on Page 3.

Warmly, Jeanne