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Greetings, Friends! 

I hope that your calendars are marked for our May 21 programTrio, which we are hosting in collaboration with the Claremont Friends of the Library and Main Street Books in DavidsonTrio is the brainchild of Shari Smith, who, each year, in partnership with the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, selects 15 books by southern authors and gives one each to a songwriter and a visual artist. They read the book, and create music and visual art inspired by that book. A variety of this year’s authors, songwriters and visual artists (including some from our local community!) will be at the library on May 21 to share their experiences with this unique, creative process. See Page 2 for more specifics about the program location and start time.

The library systems has announced its theme for the Summer Reading Program: A Universe of Learning, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Our branch will be going all-out to assist the anti-Summer-Slide effort, with FOSFTL financial support and special programs. Registration and program details are on Page 3.

I am pleased to report that at last week’s business meeting, we reviewed and approved a budget for the 2019/20 program year that will support a wide variety of enriching programs for people of all ages and interests. Stay tuned in the near future for more information about all of the exciting programs we have lined up for your enjoyment.

As you know, our membership dues and donations are a major source of funding for our programs. Our 2019-20 membership drive will officially kick off at the May 21 program, but there is no need to wait until then if you are eager to check this off your to-do list early! We sincerely hope you will renew your membership and that you will encourage others in your network to join the Friends for the upcoming program year.

Warmly, Jeanne